fun family personalised book

1st ever picture book to be personalized for a family. Take your children on this jungle adventure to discover the power of loyalty and teamwork…

Better Together, Stronger Together!

  • Unique Gift for a Family with one or two children aged 2-9 years
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1st ever book to be personalised for a Family

Children to the Rescue

The first ever book that can be personalised for any family with 1 or 2 children, even twins and single parents. The children are heroes of an exciting jungle adventure where they rescue their own parents from the cruel Evilor! The children learn about teamwork, loyalty and courage from all the animals who become their friends… step right into the adventure!

A Family is Better Together, Stronger Together

A wonderful way for children to discover the power of a strong family and sibling love. Here's a excerpt from the book:
 “We must stick together like glue!
As a team we are stronger,
even if it takes us longer!"


A Keepsake for Tomorrow


Time Capsule

Include a special message for the child to be printed on the first page of the book. This message will be cherished for a lifetime as it will always remind them of their childhood days and the bond they share with you.


Quality to last a lifetime

A myriad of colours are printed on rich, thick textured paper. Each page opens to reveal panoramic full-spread illustrations. Designed for easy reading and sharing, the Fun Family Bookyboo is A4 landscape size –297mm x 210mm, and has 42 pages (including the cover).

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